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About us

Tay's Exotic Critters Rescue has been taking in neglected and special-needs frogs since 2018. Located in Washington, DC, we have rescued and rehabilitated almost 20 different species. We pride ourselves on offering a safe place for amphibians to feel better and find their forever homes. ​We work with a wonderful local exotics clinic to ensure the best veterinary care possible. On top of that, Tay, our owner, has five years of experience working with frogs. From administering medication to giving CPR, Tay can do it all. 

On our website, you'll find our available friends ready to find their forever homes! You can click the "available friends" tab to read their bios. If you find a friend who seems to be a great fit for your family, click the documents tab to fill out our adoption application via Jot Form. Please note there is an adoption fee for each friend based on species or how much care they required for rehabilitation. If shipping is needed, you must also be ready to pay for that. We do not ship outside of the US. 

If you are deciding to rehome your pet we also have an intake form you may fill out. You can also reach us on the "contact" page for questions, possible leads for a friend needing help, and business inquiries. 

We run entirely on donations so if you're interested in helping us, please consider donating, joining our Patreon, or purchasing some of our merch.


Sweet Pea, our mascot


Tay & Sweet Pea


Tay Shoemaker


Hi!  I'm Tay, owner and founder of Tay's Exotic Critters Rescue! I am 22 years old and originally from Ontario, Canada. I moved to the US at 14 and previously lived in Port Aransas and Austin, TX. 

I am the co-founder of Project Polliwog, a jewelry company aimed as saving endangered frog species one necklace at a time. We are partnered with The Amphibian Foundation and One Tam Team to help support the conservation of the Georgia Gopher Frog and the California Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog.  You can find Project Polliwog along with our other partners here.

Over the years I have had many opportunities to do amazing things. My work has been features in podcasts such as Breaching Extinction and Pet Owner Diary Show, which I eventually became a co-host of in 2021. You can find the episodes hosted by my mentor Janel Young along with my episodes here.


Beginning in 2020 I assisted the amazing Dr Jonathan Kolby and Dr Anna Fagre's  "frungus" team at Colorado State University on a research paper for the rare fungal disease newly discovered in frogs, Veronaea Botryosa. The paper was published in the summer of this 2022 and can be found here.


This October I have the honor of hosting a panel at the 2022 Frog Con. I will be giving a talk on my work with rescuing special needs frogs as well as discussing the primary care of captive White's Tree Frogs.  You can here out Frog Con and the events schedule here. 

I recently moved to Washington, DC with my partner so he can attend Georgetown Law Center. We  live with our two cats, Rosie and Muneca along with our frogs! Our life can be a bit crazy but it's always exciting. What's a better conversation starter than telling people we live with 20+ frogs at a time?

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One of the best ways to support us is by becoming a patron! Click here to learn more!

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